Say hello to the new Missing Calendar.
Brand-new design, approved quality, down-the-line.

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for iPhone/iPod/iPad, requires at least iOS 7.x.
Universal App

Optimized for iOS 8

The new miCal is the redevelopment of the award winning bestseller for iOS 8. The interface now fits perfectly into iOS 8 and uses a lot of performance-advantages of the new operating system.


You don’t need to contort yourself with miCal. miCal supports portrait as well as landscape formats in nearly every view. Use each view however it’s most comfortable for you.


miCal now supports iOS reminders. Create reminders for all the important tasks in your private and professional life right in the app.

Natural Input

Quickly create events with the new natural input feature. Natural language input allows you to create events just by describing them. And if you have Siri enabled on your device, you can even dictate your event details instead of typing.


Never miss again an important birthday. Get reminders at preset times featuring the music of your choice.


miCal communicates with your device’s integrated calendar. miCal works with all the calendar services that your device currently supports (iCloud, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, Facebook Events, subscriptions) without requiring additional configuration.
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